IIM Calcutta

All About my mother

By Priyanka.

All About my motherConsidered to be one of Pedro Almodovar’s masterpieces, All About my mother is the story of a single mother trying to cope with the loss of her only son. She then decides to confront her past and meets a colourful group of women around whom her life begins to revolve. As she looks for closure in matters of the past, she finds herself beginning a new chapter of life. The film deals with a host of themes including motherhood, friendship, prostitution, lesbianism and transvestism. It is interesting to see the way the director fills the blanks in the life of the protagonist throughout the course of the movie, but deliberately leaves spaces missing in the lives of the other women to keep you guessing. Cecilia Roth gives an emotional performance as the titular mother who is strong, independent, kind, compassionate, forgiving, and funny. A wonderful tribute to mothers all around the world.


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