IIM Calcutta


By Arun Rahim.Amelie

I haven’t seen many French movies before this, but was always lured by how French is spoken. There is always a poetic versatility and romantic touch to it. The character of Amelie played by Audrey Tatou is one which can easily spark a reminiscence in every one of us. Being misdiagnosed with a heart ailment in childhood by her father, she was not sent to school and was alone in childhood. She kept herself occupied with her vivid imagination and developed a shyness that was the outcome of her emotional separation from her father. What is different with Amelie is that all these idiosyncrasies follow her to adulthood where she entertains herself with self-devised fantasies. The external world created in this movie as I have read is very akin to a modern Parisian society in full rigor. Although there is always a scent of romance in the air, Amelie is a love-failure and as before mostly keeps to herself.

She works as a waitress in a restaurant and goes through her daily routines dotted with self-fulfilling fantasies until one day when she made a discovery. This discovery turns out to be her epiphany. It opened a whole new world for her. One where happiness is found in scheming little plans to help others in their lives. Yet Amelie likes working in the background and quietly enjoys the moments of glee that she has been able to gift others. In the midst of all of this Amelie does find that ‘someone’, but her introverted nature turns out to be the spoil sport. The movie is a must watch and I am not revealing more on the storyline.

Audrey Tatou who plays Amelie has given a more than brilliant performance. She personifies Amelie and gives that extra edge and life to the role. It is inevitable that after the movie you simply end up loving the character. The narration was innovative and the pace of the movie was good.Add to that some awesome camera work and music and you get an awesome movie on the whole.


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