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A Very Long Engagement – ‘Never let go’

Poster for 'A very long engagement'By Subhrojyoti Mondal

Rotten Tomatoes rating – 78%
Two Academy Award nominations (Art Direction and Cinematography)
One Golden Globe nomination (Best Foreign Language Film)

This movie has been considered one of the best among Janet’s masterpieces. Category wise it’s a romantic war epic movie, based in Somme, a remote village of post-world war France. A physically challenged girl, Mathilde (Audrey Totou), loses her fiancée Manech (Gaspard Ulliel), in a battle at the ‘No man’s land’ between France and Germany during WWI. Though every single person is convinced of his demise, Mathilde refuses and clings to the last chances of hope that she believes will guide her to her love. Ultimately the movie flows through different interesting incidents to a touching climax.