IIM Calcutta

Predict The Oscars!

‘Predict The Oscars’ was the most recent buzzword at IIM Calcutta. We, at C’nema Paradiso, carried out this exercise on the lines of the same exercise performed around the same time last year. The objective was to investigate the accuracy of collective wisdom and decision-making. This year we received 64 responses which was pretty less than the figure of 104 last year. But, this was justified because of less time given for responding and the great increase in the number of categories under the exercise (20 compared to 6 last year).

If left to us, we would have got 14 right and 1 tie out of the 20 categories which went for the poll two weeks ago. However, we showed disproportionate love towards The Artist. We voted for it under 8 out of its 10 nominations, whereas the Oscar jury finally agreed to award it with 5 Oscars. We underestimated Hugo in the 2 categories, namely Art Direction and Cinematography. We also understated The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in Film Editing. The best part was that we used our analytical thinking developed during our CAT preparation to infer that there must be some connection between The Artist and Art Direction and voted for it under this category.

But as individuals, our understanding of the minds of the Oscar jury needs further refining for sure. The greater number of categories proved fatal to the level of accuracy and no one could achieve the 100% accuracy in his (her) predictions unlike to the last year. Also, the maximum number of correct predictions by an individual was 15 out of 20 and this feat could be achieved only by 3 out of 64 people. Kudos to Abhishek Daiya, Jana V Satyanarayana and Sushanth G for their fabulous predictions!

Other Highlights

The biggest highlight from the polls is the overwhelming support that the song Real in Rio received from Jokaites with 63% votes in its favour in comparison to the actual Oscar-winning song The Muppets with only 37% votes in its favour. Besides, Hugo, winner in Sound Editing, was the 3rd contender for the IIMC Junta gaining favour of only 22% people whereas Transformers: Dark of the Moon got 31% and War Horse got 26% votes.

There was also an interesting finding. Hugo was not the sole winner as per the predictions done by the IIMC junta under the category of Visual Effects. Amazingly, Rise of the Planet of the Apes received the same number of votes (19) as Hugo. Also, Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows part 2 was a close contender to them with 17 votes in its favour.

Finally, these polls exemplify that collectivism prevails over individualism which has been shown by us on many occasions; summer and final placements, Golden Jubliee celebrations, Intaglio and Carpe Diem are some of them.

~ If you, dear reader, are interested in amusing yourself and have little else to do in life, and want access to raw data for the predictions made, or this could in any way be helpful for some research that you are pursuing (we sincerely hope not!  ), we’d be only to glad to share the raw data with you. You can get in touch with us at cnemaparadiso.iimc@gmail.com.



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