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Fernando Meirelles’ City of ‘God’

By Priyanka.
City of God
On paper, Fernando Meirelles’ City of God has nothing new to offer. It would appear to be just another gangster drama based in slums. But what makes this story so compelling is the pace and brutal honesty with which it is told. It’s disturbing – it shows gun-wielding children perpetrating massacres, drug lords marking their territories by killing their competition, shocking murders every five minutes. But it doesn’t quite give you the time for the screenplay to sink in. Our narrator is someone, who is a victim of the crimes happening around him but manages to stay a passive spectator throughout. He provides us the necessary third party view to the saga that spans across generations. The movie is at once thrilling, heart-breaking and witty.  Warning: It’s not easy viewing, but the movie stays with you long after that.